Minutes: August 22 Meeting

Meeting Chair:  Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary:  Barb Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Mark Breathwaite, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;

Regrets: Lynne Green,

Guests/Observers: Barbara Bitzer, Eleanor Brent, Graham Brown, John Lochead

Katherine welcomed us back; an Opening Prayer was provided by Peter.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of June 20, 2018 as amended.

Moved By: Peter O

Seconded By: Jane M

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for August 22, 2018

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By: Peter

Motion Carried

John asked about Presbytery update on new church model; this will begin in January with a transition year. Further UCC update will be included on the October Board agenda.

New Governance Model Katherine Bitzer briefly reviewed the lead-up to the revised leadership (governance) model and the process for acceptance by the congregation in June. Bill then provided a draft document describing duties of the Coordinator roles.

The following leadership intentions were affirmed:

  • Chair - Katherine Bitzer

  • Treasurer - John Fraser

  • Secretary - Barbara Hill

  • Minister - Bill Bruce

  • Lay Presbytery Rep - Jane Maass

Coordinator leadership roles:

  • Faith Formation Coordinator VACANT

  • Finance & Facilities* VACANT

  • Fellowship & Caring Coordinator - Ginger Comission

  • Worship & Music Coordinator - Barbara Bitzer

  • Social Justice – Lori-Ann Livingston

Vice Chair VACANT


*Key contact and priority for finance in the upcoming year is income (stewardship), spending (advocacy & approvals), facility & lease relationships. The income required to support a plan needs to drive fund raising and define the fund-raising goal for 2019.

The Transition Team members include: Jen Spaulding, Ian Rutherford, Lynne Green, Barbara Bitzer and (new) Mark Braithwaite; (Janet Howitt retired Aug 2018). Priority of the TT is to present a staffing model and budget by January that makes sense for the June 2019 PLAN moving forwards.

ACTION: Complete a document review (governance documents) as circulated and identify priority tasks for 2019. Any comments/feedback from the board are to be submitted to the Secretary (Barb) by Wed. Aug 29, she will meet with BBitzer and LGreen.

ACTION: Recruitment conversations to fill vacancies will be led by Katherine B and Mark B.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser

  1. Cash in bank and legacy funds

Bank balance as of noon today approximately $69,000. We transferred $50,000 into the chequing account from LF1 near the end of July.

Legacy Fund 1 – market value at end of July $2,363,000 – up 4.2 % this year

Legacy Fund 2 – market value at end of May $3,346,000 – up 3.7 % this year. The Investment Committee remains cautious in their outlook.  For sure we have resisted the temptation to boost returns higher, so to speak, and avoided any investment in cannabis related stocks.

All of the bills related to 74 Frederick have been paid.

  1. R.Ross - Short term benefits (STD) expired in early July. Great West Life inquired about opportunities for his return to work (fewer hours per week or less onerous work) but those disappeared with his new diagnosis.  Robert is now on LTD (long term disability) and paid by Great West Life. He remains on the payroll but Trinity is not supporting him financially. Vacation credits were earned while on STD but no vacation credits are earned while on LTD.

  2. PAR - no cancellations in the past month.  John and Roberta Wrigglesworth have left Trinity and they were regular contributors through envelopes.

  3. Laurie Gilmore asked me about financial contributions for about a dozen people who have not been to church for several years. Apparently, if you haven’t contributed money to the church, that puts you on a list that Laurie reviews before making recommendations to the Board to be removed from the roll.

  4. Parkminster and refugee support - Wheels are grinding slowly on this work but there is a meeting tomorrow to sign some paperwork and move the application for support of a refugee forward. (Trinity is assisting with the fund allocation process.)


Gord's Resignation was discussed; since his initial resignation letter the worship committee has discussed alternatives and Gord has communicated flexibility for an LOA option (Leave of Absence).  Gord has confirmed the services he can do in September.

ACTION: Katherine will take the lead on an initial call to Gord and work with Ginger and Lynn on exploring options with the utmost of compassion for his situation.

ACTION: Katherine will follow up with Jen Spaulding on Transition team concerning interim music leadership.

Staffing Model will be developed by the Transition Team inclusive of a Music Director role appropriate to the 2019 Plan.

Minister's Report - Bill Bruce circulated monthly report in advance.

Bill has advocated for sizing staff to meet needs.  By January we need a staff model and to be ready to start searching for a minister to support our plan for a modest group of 50 members. The proposed 2019 Plan must include the plan for how our (little) congregation will pay for it.

What If Stories... We need to continue to encourage more What If stories to expand the dialogue and fuel transition team visioning and planning.

Discussion about specific expectations of the Transition Team, to develop the 2019 Plan and staffing model, must be communicated (again) to enhance understanding of current process.



Congregational Survey of engagement opportunities will be done after the congregational meeting in October.  It was suggested we call it a Congregational Harvest of activities.

ACTION: Barb can build it through Survey Monkey once the questions are formulated.

Jane received a call from St. Mark’s Lutheran concerning contents and windows although uncertain about the future of the building.  St. Mark’s Lutheran is also in the process of dealing with assets and property and preparing to move in to St. John’s Lutheran, with Redeemer Lutheran.  Graham Brown, as chair of Trustees will assist Jane with conversations as required.

TUC News should also include the invitation to submit a What If.  Other stories are required.

ACTION: include an invitation to submit a What If and how these will be used to support transition planning

Board Bits:  

August 26 What If stories

Coordinator roles and vacancies

Sept 9 Resignation received from Director of Music

Sept 16 Transition Team update for Board Bits

Logistics Planning 'Team' for Sept 23 & 30:  Ginger and Pete

Oct 14:


Saturday Sept 15 Doors Open 10:00am - 4:00pm (in partnership with St. Matthews).

Contact Lori-Ann Livingston if you can help

Sunday Sept 16 St. Matthews BBQ after services (Invitation to all + Volunteers requested) Contact Mark Breathwaite if you’d like to help.

Wed Sept 19? 6:30pm, Board Meeting

Sunday Sept 23 11:00am, "Fresh Start" Governance training for the congregation (Paul Miller)

Sunday Sept 30 11:00am, Discussion on Urban Election Issues

(led by Social Dev’t. Resource Ctr.)

All Candidates Meeting to follow

(12:00 to 2:00PM in Fellowship Hall)

(Candidates include Regional Chair, Regional Councillors, Mayor & Councillors)

Sunday Oct 14 11:00am, "Visioning" Congregational Meeting.

What did What if stories tell us