Fifth Sunday of Easter

Fifth Sunday of Easter
April 29, 2018

‘Remember, Resist, Redraw’

This week in our Sunday evening and Tuesday conversations in the Garret, we are wrapping up Joshua, and beginning Judges, considering the theme of ‘Remember, Resist, Redraw’.   

Did you hang in for some or all of Joshua?  Did you begin to revise your earlier assumptions about the book’s message?  I did – again this time.  As each people read this as ‘our story’, and bring our voice to the ‘intersectional identity of our congregation – or yours – the message is transformed. 

‘Go back where you came from?’  I belong here, now. God made space for me – why can’t you?  I will assert myself and claim what providence allows and allots me – and us.

‘Kill them all?’  God dispossesses and displaces – our might fails without consensus and participation in the plan, and ceding by the other.  When we occupy, it’s not by assimilation, though.

If we serve Yahweh (not our own appetites), we are blessed beyond our deserving.  If we break covenant (claiming all the goods now) we will pay, though not all that we deserve.

If Joshua is a recital of our people acting faithfully to claim their allotted place in the providential order, prudently….

Then Judges is a recital of our people living in anarchy, rallying behind judges from time to time in response to external threats…

Over and over:  ‘there was no king in Israel in those days, and everyone did what was good in their own eyes’ – I call it free market.

Settlers and Anarchists: What Side Are We On?
Reading Joshua and Judges - Easter Season, 2018
Trinity UC Kitchener

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