Parties: Leviticus 23-24

Thanksgiving last week, and Halloween upon us, do measure our lives, and promise recreation as many people open cottages and begin spring leagues. Imagine how recently we measured our lives by agricultural rhythms and religious calendars! Have you ever heard of Rogation Sundays?

I am surprised again this year in Kitchener by the Oktoberfest phenomenon – and by the absence of signs of the High Holidays of Judaism, just ending.

The cycle of festivals in this part of Leviticus reflects an idealized annual routine of holy-days from harvest around to harvest again. You can certainly recognize the high holy days of the fall. What’s your annual cycle of marking the year and the seasons?

Then there’s a break for talk of light and bread, and strangely, of an eye for an eye, so easily vilified in the mouth of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel. What wrecks a holiday, and what should be done about it? What restricts abuse of labour or flattening of life?

What makes a holiday a holy-day for you, and for others? What makes recreation really re-creational, pointing beyond itself to what we worship, or rather, to which we ascribe, or in which we recognize, worth?

Having lingered on 23 and 24, we’ve deferred Sabbaticals and Jubilee to next week this time through. They are rolled into the final week, and for me, remain the climax of the book of Leviticus – for those prepared by all that came before.

Take some time today, and listen to some audio.