January 01 to June 30, 2019
Trinity United Church, Kitchener
54 Benton St, at Church St


The Work:

Lead and accompany choir rehearsal each Thursday at 7:30pm, choir warm-up 9:30am Sunday and worship 10am Sunday. Plan and prepare congregational, choir, and other vocal and instrumental elements of worship, in consultation with staff, lay leaders, and choir. Extra services and events within the scope of this contract are limited to Good Friday.

The Church:

Trinity UC is a small congregation with a small choir. How small? We saw as few as 50, as many as 100, at Sunday worship through the last ‘church year’. Choir was as few as 12, as many as 19, (including 4 or 5 paid ‘choral scholars’). We sold a big building and its 3 manual organ last year, and rent a small chapel with a big grand piano in St Matthews Lutheran, on Benton at Church St.

The Music:

We may be small, but we love music. Our comfort zone is reflected in a huge library of choral music, and in our Voices United and More Voices hymnbooks. We maintain two copyright licences, keep a budget to buy new choral music, and congregational lyrics are all projected on a screen. We invite music staff to widen our musical vocabulary!

The Money:

Our budget for this contract is for $400 per week, total $11,000, over 27 weeks, or 6 months). One person may propose to do all the work. Alternatively, one director may subcontract accompaniment, or choral conducting, for some or all Thursdays and Sundays. We budget in addition for up to 5 choral scholars, $350 per week, for new music, $1000 for this term, plus music licencing fees.


Deliverables: Proposals from applicants for this contract should include:

  1. Qualifications and experience of the contractor and any subcontractors, including proficiency and experience in keyboard, choral conducting and voice pedagogy, within and beyond congregational settings.

  2. Overall plan to provide overall music planning, in consultation with worship coordinator, interim minister, and choir, for Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost seasons in the contract period.

  3. Specific plan to provide keyboard accompaniment and choral conducting on Thursdays and Sundays through the contract period, and to confirm bulletin details to the church office weekly.

  4. Availability for consultation with choir executive, music librarian, worship coordinator, administrative support, and interim minister, regarding administration of choral scholars program, licence renewals, piano tuning.

The Future:

Trinity is in a second transition year, with an interim minister till June 30, 2019. We will approve a staff team plan for July 1 2019. This winter’s Music Director will be eligible to apply for contract or employment as part of that team. You may also help shape our emerging visions of innovations in ministry to downtown Kitchener. Given our commitment to music and fellowship, help shape our plans for future ministry!

The Contacts:

Expressions of interest, or questions, may be directed to:

Barbara Bitzer, Worship Coordinator,
c/o Dorothy Hibbard, Administrative Support,

(519) 742-3578

Please circulate this invitation widely:

Updated October 17, 2018, for response by November 30, 2018