Peeling The Onion: Week 4

Do you find consolation and relief,

Or apprehension and anxiety,

Recognizing that we’re past halfway here?

I often forward a copy of Robert Service’s poem ‘The Great Divide’,

To friends reaching the ripe old age of 35:

Three score and ten, the psalmist saith,

And half my course is well-nigh run….

But now with sobered heart I reach

The Great Divide of Thirty-five….

Begin this week with the much-anticipated 7th trumpet blast:

Christ’s reign begun – ‘he shall reign for ever and ever’ soundtrack

In the celestial court, all sing, the ark opens –

Down below, as the heavens open, who’s glad or mad?

Re-frame Tuesday: another vision in heaven –

A portent – defying a present, past, or future tense:

Take a moment, to imagine your own vision –

Before it moves into action, and later is parodied

Your figure of a woman,

Clothed in sun, feet on moon, crown of 12 stars,

Is pregnant, crying out in birthing-pains

(you likely know this experience more intimately than I do)

Your great red dragon,

7 heads, 10 horns, 7 diadems on his heads

his tail sweeping 1/3 of the stars from the sky to earth

(try ‘seeing’ this at some Canadian campfire!)

For me, the dragon is poised between the woman’s legs,

Ready to devour her child, meant to rule the world –

Till midwifery whisks the infant away to safety with God

The woman is secured safely in wilderness sanctuary,

For the now-familiar 1,260 days, ‘half a fullness of time’

Wednesday, war in heaven follows –

Michael and angels beat Dragon and angels –

But the losers fall to earth, as Devil, Satan, or demons among us

The scene on earth uglier than the triumph on the celestial side

Thursday, the fallen dragon assaults the woman brought down

She is given wings to escape to sanctuary, for half a fullness of time –

Is this the same half a fullness, or the second half?

The earth itself rises to

absorb the deluge meant to drown the woman

The dragon turns his rage to the woman’s servants (us) –

Again, the big picture resolves, but our tribulation continues

Friday, John frames a new vision – the beast rising from the sea –

Elaborating on the image you may have begun of the dragon –

Wounded from the war in heaven, with leopard features –

Unstoppable, ruling, for half a fullness of time

Some celebrate the evil rule, others submit –

John counsels accepting captivity, or dying by the sword

Civil disobedience will not lead to victory in revolution!

Saturday, imagine a second beast, rising out of the earth, not sea –

It re-presents and serves the first beast, ruling on its behalf,

The people defer to its agency, or suzerainty,

And accept a mark on their foreheads,

(as the angel had earlier branded the faithful safe from danger)

and the clue we all love: the number of the beast is 666!

As I reach my 500 word quota,

I remind you of my working middle axiom:

These are visualizations of important, real stuff.

‘bigger than both of us, smaller than God’ –

which we often discuss as ‘ologies’, ‘isms’, transpersonal entities –

movements, causes, nations, corporate bodies…

not scientistically ‘objective’, but morally loaded.

Enjoy this crazy week!