Update as of December 8, 2016

Over the last several weeks, the Committee has been working with the Board and Gowlings to put in place the legal mechanisms required to prudently protect Trinity and abide by the process rules of the Presbytery, Trustees and/or Board. One such step is creating a non-profit corporation(NP). This has been done.

The corporation is controlled by the Board and has the support of the Trustees and the Presbytery. The NP will soon be working with our preferred commercial real estate agent to move the re-development process forward. Please remember that no development of any kind will take place without the final approval of the congregation at a formal meeting.

In addition to the above steps, the Committee and the Board continue to consult interested well-wishers in the downtown community and potential users/partners in our development. The City and its downtown service providers, businesses and government all have development plans of their own which can change and evolve over time.

To bring the gospel in a relevant, useful way to downtown Kitchener, we need to stay in close contact with our neighbours. This is what we are doing as we move ahead with our plans to build an effective ministry in downtown Kitchener.