Romans: 16: 27

Amen. So be it . Yes! 

Not with a bang, but with a whimper… 

That’s the end of our tour, reading Romans  again in the summer of 2018. 

We tried to hear it again, as if for the first time, using unfamiliar English translations, more current or colloquial or even idiomatic diction. 

I repeated my 2017 audio –  though locally, I added David Bentley Mays’ 2017 translation. Barely updated my notes –  and slogged and wrestled through it on Tuesdays and Sundays with the faithful few who asked for this tough one. we tried to hear it in our time, in a post-Holocaust world, 70 years from the recognition of the State of Israel and the 50th anniversary of the illegal occupation of Palestine.

We tried to hear it all, not one verse or one slogan from a billboard on a highway, nor echoing obsolete battle cries from the wars of religion: ‘saved’-  our Reformed movement is newly reconciled with Luther and Rome! 

I’m pretty sure I got it wrong –  and that so did you. It’s bigger than the both of us. Happily, it’s a story of God’s saving, more than it is one of our response. 

I’ve taken some of this time to update some notes, drafted first in 2004 as ‘Reading Leviticus in Toronto’ –  my response to the popular 2003 Nafisi bestseller: ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ 

I ‘broke my brain’ with an aneurism –  delayed the Leviticus project -  revisited it a couple of times, in a couple of churches –  but really, nobody ever wants Leviticus.  So we rerun Genesis, Exodus –  then return to the gospels…. i’m hoping to post Leviticus this time. Better prepared over 15 years, having enjoyed more Muslim friendships, read a lot more Quran and hadith…. but still struck by the reversal of Nafisi… as I read a lot more Persian / Iranian history, I’ve also enjoyed more time with my set of Midrash, and finally bought my own set of Talmud,  if only in electronic digital form after decades of coveting a ‘real’ set. The real issues, however, are how ‘we’ read Leviticus, Just as in August, 18 ‘we’ read Romans, as ‘our’ book… How’s that going for you?

Saturday, Chapter 16 end 


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Saturday, Chapter 16 end