Trinity is on a Spiritual Journey, Seeking Justice For All.

We fulfill our mission through partnerships that are committed to supporting:

  • housing for those who are marginalized

  • those displaced as refugees

  • healthy child and family development

  • those seeking hope and new beginnings

As a community of faith in downtown Kitchener, we welcome everyone to join us on our journey to eliminate barriers to social justice and achieve belonging for all.

In our work, we value:

  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Gratitude

  • Faith

  • Joy

This is a 'get involved' kind of congregation.  Our volunteers put their time, energy and gifts into purposes as diverse as Social Justice, Faith Formation, Investment Management, Facilities, Worship, Fellowship and Caring, and more.

Social Justice

Social Justice is Faith in Action. We get involved and support a variety of causes including:

Homelessness: We participate in the community engagement process for developing and reviewing regional plans for homelessness and adoption of a Housing First Philosophy.

Refugees: Working with our Arabic partners at the ShamRose for Syrian Culture, we sponsored a Syrian refugee family. Significant education, fundraising, administration, and apartment hunting helped prepare for a family's arrival in October 2015. We work closely with the Kitchener Masjiid (Mosque) in a variety of drives to collect food and personal products for government funded refugees.

TCOW group (Two Countries, One World): We support youth members on educational work trips to Nicaragua.

Northern Neighbours: Trinity has joined the K-W community in shipping food and necessary supplies to the isolated communities in the far north.

Worship & Music

The Worship & Music coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of worship and music, and supporting the Minister in developing themes for each season of the church’s life.

From new ideas for welcoming the visitor to reaching out beyond the Sunday morning worship, we seek to explore new ideas and support new initiatives. All are welcome to join this team of volunteers.

Fellowship & Caring

We organize and facilitate events to enhance a sense of belonging and community. These include:

- Pastoral Care Clusters: Bringing people from neighbourhoods together to develop a deeper relationship and enhance a sense of belonging and caring for each other

- Services For Seniors held bimonthly at Waterloo Heights.

a-man-carries-his-bible-while-his-shadow-carries-the-cross_HXFz6AZlA (1).jpg

Faith Formation

What does it mean to have faith? How do we approach bible study and prayer in the 21st Century? We are discovering new approaches to answering ancient questions.


Finance & Facilities

We’re blessed with what we have been given. And we’re putting it to good use.

The next steps for this congregation and what to do with these blessings are under discussion right now. Join us!