Chinese Canadian Voice: Trinity Supports HopeSpring

Trinity United Church 2月22日宣布,将匹配$50,000社会捐款,用来支持HopeSpring癌症支持中心(Cancer Support Centre)。在2月27日前,无论个人,还是商业人士或非牟利机构给HopeSpring捐款,Trinity Unite Church将一比一匹配,最高可达$50,000。大家可以通过电话519-742-4673或者到www.hopesring.ca捐款。

当Trinity Unity Church社会行动小组从本地新闻报道中了解到HopeSpring的困境时,认为需要立即行动。根据小组的建议,教会董事会举行会议,批准这笔捐款。教会董事会成员Dave Rutherford说,“HopeSpring为那些与癌症抗争的病人及其家属提供非常独到与重要的服务。如果社区失去了HopeSpring,这些人群将失去呵护。”Ruherford补充说,“我们不能光顾旁观,看着它关闭。整个社区应该为此立即行动。”

HopeSpring项目和志愿者管理经理Linda Maxwell认为这是“鼓舞人心的慷慨承诺,这给予了我们希望。我真正期望社区能够行动起来,为我们抽到足够的资金,让我们继续支持那些需要帮助的人们。”


Press Release: Trinity United Church Pledges $50,000 in Matching Donations to HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre

Downtown Congregation Sees A Need And Steps Up: "The Community Needs To Come Together Around This"

KITCHENER, FEB 22, 2017 – Trinity United Church pledged to match up to $50,000 in donations to support the HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre today.

Trinity has agreed to match up to $50,000 in donations from individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations to HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre during their current fundraising drive ending on February 27th. Pledges can be made directly to HopeSpring by calling (519) 742-4673 or on their website at

Trinity’s Social Action Team learned of the need in the community from local news reports and felt called to immediate action.  On their recommendation, the church’s board had met and approved the donation.

Trinity board member Dave Rutherford said, “HopeSpring provides unique and important services to people who are fighting cancer and to their families too. If this community loses HopeSpring, there will be a huge gap in care.”  Rutherford added, “We can't just stand by and watch it close. The community needs to come together around this.”

Linda Maxwell, Program and Volunteer Manager at HopeSpring called the pledge, “inspiring and generous. It gives us hope. I really believe that this community will come together, that we’ll raise enough money so we can continue to help people.”

About Trinity United Church

Trinity United Church celebrated its 175th Anniversary in 2016 and is the spiritual home to hundreds of families.  It has a long history of working for social justice in Waterloo Region and beyond.

About HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre

HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre has been there for patients, caregivers, and families of those facing cancer in the Waterloo Region and surrounding area for 21 years. They provide all services to these individuals for free as cancer can be a financially crippling diagnosis.

For further information contact Dave Rutherford at (519) 572-4635 or or Linda Maxwell at (519) 742-4673or